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PH San Lorenzo: Imagen

HPR San Lorenzo

Location. Rosario

2018 - In progress


HPR San Lorenzo

The project for the Energy Renovation of a 30-year-old apartment building is based on a thorough Analysis of the Current State of the premises, a Solar Radiation Study, and the Calculation and Analysis of the Thermal Behavior of the Current Cladding, Glazing and Roofing. As a result, the project proposes a series of improvements for the building’s exteriors, adding renewable-energy sources as well as the repurposing of the roof for both a communal recreational area and an annex of two apartments.

The design of the former, in the front, incorporates the photovoltaic panels and terraced plots for urban agriculture to the recreational area. A sunshade shelters the seating area, equipped with barbecue grills and green areas.

The two-apartment annex is bioclimatic and highly-efficient, as they use a third of the energy consumed by a traditionally-designed apartment. Not only do they source their hot water through solar panels, but also the cladding has no thermal bridges and its thermal transmittance reaches a level B in the IRAM Guidelines.

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