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BIM Development

Building Information Modeling is a process for the generation and management of digital representation of design and construction, both physical and functional. The construction simulation is carried out through the creation of a parametric model. This foresees and optimizes the building times and resources, thus significantly increasing the designing and building process efficiency.

Desarrollo BIM: Video

BIM Modeling

We offer our experience modeling both Architectural and Engineering projects through this technology.


Architectural plans

Bim modeling eases the evaluation of different alternatives for a project, as working in 3D allows to easily envision and compare different proposals on multiple visualizations, which will maintain consistency amongst them, regardless the modifications made.

Construction plans

All pertinent information for the construction project comes by easily, reducing the documentation time and avoiding disjointed plans that would result in cost overrun and construction delays.


Construction Schedules/quantities

Having modeled the project in its entirety, quantities result more precise than in a standard calculation through a two-dimensional plan. Not only are dimensions more exact, but also the simultaneous consideration of all aspects of building construction avoids incompatibilities which generate unforeseen expenditure.


Colission detection

Thanks to the thoroughgoing 3D model performing a clash detection comes by easily, allowing a quick and exhaustive building conflicts report avoiding setbacks and over costs during construction.


BIM 4D - Construction Simulation

BIM’s fourth dimension is the time variable, i.e. the representation of the construction process.

Image Rendering

Creation of both photorealistic images and videos.

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