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Casa Ensinck: Imagen

Ensinck House

Location. Fisherton

2019 - In progress

Infografia 980x550 ENG.png

Ensinck House

This bioclimatic and efficient house was designed to use a third of the energy consumed by a traditionally-designed house.

The project includes rain-water collection and repurposing, which reduces the waste of freshwater in both gardening and cleaning. It also includes Solar-powered hot water service as well as solar-powered emergency lighting.

The house features external cladding with no thermal bridges. The thermal transmittance reaches a level A in the IRAM Guidelines.

We take a respectful approach towards pre-existing flora, including it in our design.

The project has two phases, the first one consists of a three-bedroom house with a spacious dining and living room and a gallery, it shutters to the front with south orientation guaranteeing more privacy, and develops plainly towards the North façade, accomplishing high quality spaces provided with good natural lightning, including adequate sun shadings.

The second phase includes a quincho with closed and semi-enclosed spaces, a grill and a swimming pool, glazed enclosures allow a visual continuity between inner and outer space, as well as the flexibility needed for this kind of areas.

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