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Casa N2: Imagen

House N2

Location. Aldao

2017 - In progress


House N2

This house design is based on bioclimatic architecture premises, granting its different areas with good natural lightning and ventilation as a result of their locations following according orientations situating the most permeable to the North. There is also a courtyard that cooperates with this situation.

 A first stage is developed on ground floor involving both closed and semi-enclosed spaces that serves as sun shading for some rooms. This semi-enclosed space has an enclosure system that allows its total opening in order to expand them.

The second stage comprises an expansion on the upper floor locating the principal rooms on the North including sun shading. The house features external cladding with no thermal bridges. The thermal transmittance reaches a level B in the IRAM Guidelines, and added to the previously named this house uses a third of the energy consumed by a traditionally-designed house, other than that it includes rain-water collection and repurposing, which reduces the waste of freshwater in both gardening and cleaning and Solar-powered hot water service as well as solar-powered emergency lighting.

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